Maintence of Long Term Relationships?

It is not easy to maintain a long-distance relationship. If you and your partner are living in two different cities or even two different countries, keeping things perfect between you two will be a great challenge.

Starting off…

long-distant-relFirst of all, you will not be able to communicate with each other properly. Although technology has given us a number of ways to keep in touch with our beloved ones from large distance, you will still experience a lack of proper communication since it is not possible to open up your hearts through skype, voice calls and texting. Also, you will feel insecure about your partner as he may get close with someone else in your absence. We will give you a few tips to make the situation better.

Sexting. Sexting. Sexting.

Start sexting. Sexting can do a lot more than what texting can and can even save you from starving sexually to a great extent. Make friends with your partner’s roommate and his or her new circle of colleagues/classmates so that you can maintain clarity and do not get suspicious unnecessarily.

Treat Each Other

Send personalized gifts and cards to each other on special days such as birthdays, anniversaries and the Valentine’s day. These gifts have a lot of emotional value associated with them. If you and your partner are in an open relationship, perhaps you are both at University and want a treat; go and book each other an escort! It may sound taboo but you could give each other some real pleasure if they had someone there to help then! This could be a night to remember. I always try to use a trust worthy escort agency when ever I book. So check them out, however it will cost you a considerable amount of money and time but will be the best way to keep the emotions intact.

Keep Yourself Free

Whenever you miss your partner and cannot contact him due to some reason, be patient and wait for him or her to contact you back. Complete your pending work in the mean time so that once they are free to chat, you can devote time for them instead of hanging up early in order to finish your pending assignments.

Living at a distance from each other will help you to realize the importance of each other in your lives and also understand how deeply you love each other. So consider it to be bliss and not a curse!


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